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It NOT annoying for me in fact the opposite: I very much enjoy the challenge (sucks to ground pound into a pit of poison sure but starting over from the sewers isn a killer). Also a lot of my strategy and gameplay came to rely on colorless weapons, which are now limited to legendary drops, which aren affected by custom mode restrictions. Lovely to have 25 Tactics scrolls and open a CC with a nice shield or Spiked Boot! Like I said: you want to reduce players reliance on cursed chests OK I get it, but IMO you way overshot here.

Overall, flexion (73 40) and lateral flexion (28 14, L declined 45% and 48%, respectively, across the age range. Extension (29 6) declined the greatest at 79%. By contrast, no overall decline in axial rotational RoMs was recorded, and the median RoM remained at 7 each way across the age spectrum examined.

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Also, if you have known any of those medical references long term ask them to serve as a personal reference for you. To my knowledge businesses don dive too deep into your reference. Just the simple confirmation of employment and the possible would you re hire them.

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Check it out. Buy a ticket. Support your local brewery and independent restaurants (like Curate). What is the context here? Can you source? Because it sounds like he's doing the opposite of sexualizing. The presumption that children should always be covered is what puts in our minds that this is something to be hidden and be ashamed of. In a way it is sexualization in itself.
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